Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about our All Natural Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Deterrent.  Let us know if you have any other questions that aren't addressed here.

How long does it take to start having an impact?

Our softchews are designed to be used daily and build up deterrence over time.  It takes about 4 weeks for the ingredients to take full effect.

How often should I use this product?

This product is designed to be given to your dog or cat daily to build up and maintain deterrence against fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. 

What is the dosage?

Dosage is based on the size of your furry friend.  You should give your pet one soft chew for every 20 pounds they weigh.  If you have a cat or a dog that is closer to 10 pounds, then we suggest half a chew.

We already have an active flea infestation?  Is this the right product for me?

Over time, the deterring properties of our softchews should eventually stop an active infestation, but best use of our product is in a preventative fashion, to keep fleas from taking up residence with your lovely pet. 

What about my cat?  Can I use your product for my cat?

Our formulation works for cats as well as dogs, but cat's didn't like the taste nearly as much as the dogs did in our first run, so we took cats off the label.  If your cats aren't particlar eaters, or you can get them to eat these every day, it should work just fine for you.